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Shipping Insurance

Shipping InsuranceInsurance

We offer full open cover marine insurance for all cargo from site of loading through to final destination by land, air and sea.

Insurance, which incurs its own charge in addition to other shipping charges covers all goods, subject to certain limits of liability and special policy conditions, up to a maximum sum of £250,000 from receipt to delivery.

Insured Value: The premium charged will depend, amongst other factors, on the stated insured value which must be declared in sterling on application.

Timescale: Cover is valid for the full transit although there is a 60 day limit (30 days Air) after which the insurance shall automatically terminate unless prompt notice given. This is applicable in situations where the cargo transit is interrupted such as a port strike etc.

Conditions of Insurance: The insurance covers all risks of loss or damage in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions as set out in the following:

Disclaimer: Information on this page is for general reference only and does not constitute any legal contractual agreement of any sort. All insurance provided will be dealt with on a one to one basis for which official Certificates Of Insurance will be supplied upon which the full and accurate terms will be detailed.

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