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Air Freight Logistics

Air Freight LogisticsAir Freight Logistics

We offer all forms of air freight services to and from destinations all around the world including consolidations and expedited services. Whatever your shipping, we can find the right service at the right price for you.

We are specialists in shipping electronic and IT equipment although we ship any non hazardous packaged goods. Below is an overview of our services:

Import/Export: We can handle all import/export customs formalities both for the UK as well as overseas. For overseas import/export formalities we often work closely with local representatives for best results.

Courier Services: We offer courier services to all major global destinations for both freight and documents. Because we can pick and choose the ideal courier service for your particular shipment, we can ensure the best and most cost effective service. Hand Carry Couriers (walk on board couriers) are a premium service suited to time critical deliveries, often desk to desk. The courier personally collects the item, boards the plane and travels to the destination and delivers the package to the recipient. A cheaper method is to use a courier drop off service which uses a designated flight courier from the crew who collects packages at departure and hands them over to couriers at the other end on arrival. Whatever your situation, we have the skills and experience to determine the best service for you. If you have a need to get a package somewhere in the world now, please call: 0203 538 7123.

Air Freight Logistics

Out Of Gauge: Cargo that does not fit normally in one of the standard airfreight containers is considered out of gauge and will often require specialist packing or a dedicated air cargo service, either scheduled or chartered. Whatever your requirements, be they suited to a scheduled air freight service or require a special helicopter airlift chartered service, we can help.

Car Shipping: Any type of car can be shipped by air. Generally air shipping of cars is suited to time critical ventures such as motorsports series racing, sensitive vintage pieces or very high end luxury cars.

Cross Border Shipping: We can handle all international cross shipping requirements such as Dehli to Lima, Sydney to New York or Paris to Stockholm.

Priority Shipping: Cargo sent in the hold of commercial aircraft and many dedicated cargo flights operate a priority service ranging from stand by to 'must fly'. The price of the shipping service is dependent on the priority. A stand by item will have a window within which it will be shipped, say, 4 days, so if the first flight is full, then it will stay behind for the next flight. 'Must Fly' items will fly on the booked flight service regardless.

The table below gives a rough idea of the time required to ship airfreight from the UK to various delivered global destinations:

Australia 5-7 days Japan 3-5 days
Austria 1-2 days Netherlands 1-2 days
Belgium 1-2 days New Zealand 5-7 days
Canada 3-5 days Norway 1-3 days
China 4-5 days Singapore 3-5 days
Croatia 3-4 days South Africa 3-6 days
Denmark 1-2 days Spain 1-3 days
France 1-2 days Sweden 2-4 days
Germany 1-2 days Switzerland 1-3 days
Greece 1-3 days Taiwan 3-4 days
Hong Kong 2-4 days USA 2-5 days
India 5-7 days    

Air Freight Containers: While major airlines use containers that are custom designed for their aircraft and associated ground handling equipment the IATA has created a set of standard container sizes, the LD-designation sizes are shown below:

Designation Width (cm) Height (cm) Depth (cm) Base (cm) Max load (lb) Max load (kg) Shape
LD-1 233 162 153 156 3500 1588 Type A
LD-2 156 162 119 156 2700 1225 Type A
LD-3 200 162 153 156 3500 1588 Type A
LD-4 243 162 153 n/a 5400 2449 Rectangular
LD-5 317 162 153 n/a 7000 3175 Rectangular
LD-6 406 162 153 317 7000 3175 Type B
LD-7 317 162 203 n/a 13300 6033 Rect. or Contoured
LD-8 317 162 153 243 5400 2449 Type B
LD-9 317 162 203 n/a 13300 6033 Rect. or Contoured
LD-10 317 162 153 n/a 7000 3175 Contoured
LD-11 317 162 153 n/a 7000 3175 Rectangular
LD-29 472 162 223 317 13300 6033 Type B



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